It’s the end of January and it was definitely a rough month, I don’t want to share the details because I want to look on the positive side. I’m so thankful to God its over.

Its also been a month since we first launched and we’ve been working on new photography and video projects, however, we still need some time to get creative and edit before we share it to the world.

Lately, I’ve been so into coloring my hair that I’ve come up with a new idea called #ColorYourLifeProject for the month of February. I came up with this idea because Life is short to be plain and boring. I wanted to add color to my life, whether it was coloring my hair, change up my fashion style, try something new and challenging or go somewhere new.

My challenge is to take a photo a day for the month of February with #ColorYourLifeProject. We encourage you to join us and share us your photos and follow us on @AJ7screative on instagram.

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