Ebook: Email Marketing Guide



If you’re like most people, you probably get writer’s block trying to determine what you should say in your ads and emails.
That’s exactly why we created this ebook for you!
These ads can be modified to promote any business you want, but the majority of our members use them to promote the Email Processing System.
When the Email Processing System first launched in February of 2010, we were giving everyone the same 3 ads. This was fine in the beginning but it has now caused quite a few duplicate ads to be placed in some of the same cities making the ads less effective. So by popular demand, we have given you more headlines to choose from so that not everyone is running the exact same ads everyday.
Now you can just mix and match your headline with an ad body. The headline is THE most important part of your ad, because it’s what causes your potential customer to actually open and read your ad. What you say in the body of your ad is NOT nearly as important as what you say in the headline, so we have included


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