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Ways to make money online as a photographer

One of the ways to make money online is being a photographer.
Why? With Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube followers growing with more visual content for anyone with internet connection, there is some money you can make.

I am not going to lie, there is a lot of competition and you definitely need to know what sets you apart from the rest. All you need to do is find one to two niche whether its food photography, portraits, weddings etc. and just start shooting with your mobile phone or DSLR.

I am a self taught graphic designer turned to blogger, writer and photographer. Honestly I wish I did go to college and got a formal education on graphic and web design or photography. Graphic designing is so much easier than photography to me because there are a lot of free software to start creating. With photography, there is a hefty price to pay upfront so I was hesistant to get in this field, but now I am willing to learn it in 2020.

I wanted to share some ways you can make money online as a photographer.

  1. Sell Stock Photos
    There are a ton of sites to sell them and some are free. You can sell them on Shutterstock. You can create a Facebook page and start selling there or get your own website on WordPress. If you really wanted to make it professional and as a business, I suggest to buy your own domain name on or godaddy.
  2. Sell an eBook
    Ebooks are easy to create than a hardcover, but you know Amazon can help with that with their publishing service.
  3. Sell a travel guide eBook
    I never thought about this but when I think about it, this would be my first ebook I would create because I own a travel and lifestyle blog at
  4. Sell a printed coffee-table style book
    I love books as well as ebooks, but this is also a good way to sell your photos.
  5. Sell prints
  6. Take pictures at local events and sell them online

  7. Sell photojournalism prints to news publications
  8. Edit photos
    This is also a great way to make money online to help those people who are not creative. It would be great add on service to your photography business.
Photo Credit: Anna S. Matias

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