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Blog Post Ideas for Photographers

Most photographers are visual artists and express their creativity through photos rather than writing.

A website and a gallery of your artwork may not be enough to have someone book you for a session. Having a blog on your website will increase your chances because you  are telling your potential clients that you are an expert and a professional in your industry. When you provide valued content it gives more trust to that person viewing your site.

Why you should have a blog for your photography website?

You can provide inspiration to aspiring photographers who are just starting out or you’re a professional photographer looking to build your business, .

Photography is an evergreen topic so you and photographers can always improve your skills with blog posts on photography techniques, software tips and tutorials.

A blog on your photography website is a resource for photographers that can help you with your photography business.

You can network with other photographer bloggers. You will want to get to know other photographers because you want to be in contact with people who have the same interests and profession.

As a travel and lifestyle blogger for I also created with my oldest daughter, Angel as our stock photo and graphic design site but not only to showcase our artwork but to provide valued content. I love writing as much as I love taking photos and designing.

If you’re a photographer and or creative entrepreneur you can benefit from these blog post ideas. Whenever you have writer’s block or need more ideas to write in your blog.

Photography Blog Ideas:

  1. Best Cameras for Travel
  2. Finding the Perfect Location for Your Shoot
  3. DSLR Camera tips and tricks
  4. Tips for Making a Photoshoot with Children Easier
  5. How to Edit your Photos on your Smartphone
  6. Alternatives to Displaying Your Photos
  7. Where to Print your Professional Photos
  8. Unique Photo Session Ideas You’re Going to Love
  9. How to Choose a Camera for your Photography Business
  10. How to Choose a Professional Photographer
  11. Studio vs. Outdoor Photoshoot 
  12. Why Your Photographer Loves What They Do
  13. Questions You Should Be Asking Your Photographer
  14. Family Portrait Outfit Ideas
  15. Tips for Gorgeous Outdoor Photos
  16. What to Wear to your Photo Session
  17. Photoshoot Locations in your area
  18. How to Prepare for a Photo Session with Your Pet
  19. Tips to Prepare for Your Maternity Photo Session
  20. Why You Need a Mommy and Me Photo Session
  21. Creative Gender Reveal Photoshoot Ideas
  22. A Guide to a Headshot Session
  23. How to do Flat Lay Photography
  24. Why You Should Hire a Professional Photographer
  25. Where to Find Photographers in your Area
  26. Tips for Photographing Your Kids
  27. How much to Charge for your Photography Services
  28. Daddy and Me Photo Session Ideas
  29. Creative Family Photo Session Ideas
  30. Get Creative with Your Portrait Session

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